Go there, where good people live

Luka Železnik got inspired while visiting our place Tesnak, homestead of adventures:

If you wish to find fire in your heart again,

go there, where good people live.

There you will find a hearth

full of salamanders.

There’s allways some delicious dish

bubbling in the cauldron over the fire.


If you wish to forget about time,

go there, where good people live.

There you will find fresh air

stirred by angel wings.

Let their wings of light;

blow away all the stale thoughts!


If you wish to feel the ground under your feet,

go there, where good people live.

In the orchard behind the house elves and gnomes are playing tag.

Go and play with them; just like a child.

Run out of the house into the forest.


If you wish to wash away the dust

from long roads and hard work,

go there, where good people live.

In the stream before the house

mermaids swim and sing their songs.

Swim with them and feel the touch of your own skin.


If you wish to know, what home is,

go there, where good people live.

Look deeply into their eyes.

Climb down the staircase

of their laugh lines deep down

Into their boundless hearts.


There you will find your self,

there you will find your laughter,

there you will be just as you are,

there, where good people live.


Celje, 18.1.2017

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Hike to Slajka

Hiking route starts at our homestead of adventures Tesnak. Behind the old house the path goes over the meadow, past the hayrack where three Icelandic horses are residing and along field of home-grown vegetables where you can peek what Marjeta is growing there. Down the path you can observe the rocks that are the same colour as Tesnak house. You can pick diverse flowers and herbs or you can take a break and rest in cool shadows of the woods. Bela, that is the name of the meadow hillside behind the house, is a wonderful viewpoint for Hotavlje which is surrounded by hills.

At top of Bela the road goes through the forest and transforms into hilly footpath suitable for everyone that craves to get some fresh air. Especially beautiful is part of the path that looks like settled spruce avenue, through which the sunlight gently shines. At this point of the hike you can gaze into the sky and see the peak of Slajka which tempts us to ascend to the top. Where a beautiful view on Blegoš, Črni vrh and other hills awaits us.

Tesnak, homestead of adventures

Then we cross yarrow covered meadow that leads us to crossroads with asphalt road. The peak of Slajka is therefore accessible also by car or in the night. Silence and peace expand over the intact nature. At the top there is usually windy which creates mysterious atmosphere intertwined with the melodies of whispering forest. Wandering around Slajka offers us moments of childlike excitement for untouched nature’s beauties; peace that everyone of us needs to calm dawn the tracks of everyday bustle; and space for playing, which is welcoming to everyone – young, adults and those who do not have time to grow old.

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Invitation to workshop of crochet slippers

You are invited to join us on homestead Tesnak in workshop of crocheting slippers out of cotton yarn. If you are eager to learn this manual dexterity you are most welcome to come

on friday, 6.1.2016, at 18 o’clock.

The workshop lasts for 2-3 h and costs 10 €. We provide all the material that is needed.

We are looking forward to seeing you!


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Holday spirit


Homestead of adventures Tešnak is preparing on long avaited Christmas holidays that are ahead of us. Many people are in happy anticipation of the presents and all the delights that New year brings with it Feverish haste, buying gifts, entertainment, partys and all the external splendour are increasingly showing that all these things are not fulfilling our quiet cravings for peace, hapiness and health that our soul longs for.

The main supporter of creativity on homestead Tešnak, Marjeta, invited us to attend a creative workshop. First we made festive cards. Unique drawings drawed with glue, coated in paints became quite masterpieces. It brings me joy, to think with what pleasure, will I send these winter fairytale like cards to my beloved and closest relatives, friends. When adding a lovely thought and wish from the heart, card makes a perfect gift.

Throughout the evening I was observing the others. Much joy was in the air! You could hear relaxed conversation, laughter and feel playfulness, easiness. It doesn’t matter how old one is, creation enchants whomesoever. Because one can discover how many beautiful talents are hidden inside of us, that we don’t even know about. In the end we were glowing like the cards that glittered in rainbow colours and filled us with enthusiasm for life and new adventures.

Secondly we braided wreaths from natural materials that can be found in the woods. We decorated the eternal and endless circles with greenery, fruits of the forest, dried fruits and all the other ornaments that we could found. Creating brought us that priceless enjoyment when our imagination freely plays as a wind. Every one of us made a wreath of hope for our own home. At the end we also made a couple of them together, for this warm homestead that always welcomes us openhandedly with great kindness.

Tešnak, domačija doživetij

Creating at homestead of adventures Tešnak was a great introduction to forthcoming holidays. To make something by yourself, to give a small piece of yourself – this is a true path to hapiness that sleeps inside of us.

Dearest Marjeta, we are gratefull that we were given the opportunity to create together with our hands. May your future creations be abundantly blessed.



Jana (friend of Tešnak’s)

Tesnak, domačija doživetij

Tešnak, domačija doživetij

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Open doors


After more than fifteen years of renovationg our 200 year-old beauty we are finally opening our door of Homestead of adventures Tešnak. We have four apartments, a dining room and big multi-purpose common room to offer.

As our guests you will reside in apartments equipped in antique, old-fashioned style with a hint of present day living. During the stay, you can participate in diverse workshops. Or you can just enjoy the delights of the nature, that surrounding area offers in abundance.

Many speakers, interesting people and seekers for inner beauty contributed their knowledge in our opening workshop weekend. Throughout varied workshops everyone could find something valuable for them. The program started on Friday with assembling of the participants, opening presentation and domestic dinner. Then we gathered in common room, where topmost musicians prepared a musical treat for us. Two professors of flute Nataša Paklar and Luka Železnik and young student Hana Kavčič enchanted us with their harmony of three flutes. After the concert, we listened to presentation of The Book of Knowledge from Manas society.

Tesnak,Odprta vrata; Tesnak, domačija doživetij;

On saturday morning Luka Železnik explained us his path of mystical, spiritual experiences and introduced us to his world of poetry. In continuation we learned several breathing techniques and cleaning of our inner space with breath from Srečo Berce and Nataša Paklar. Boštjan Kragl and Rok Rotar relaxed us with sound therapy with gong. Psychotherapist Ksenija Širnik presented the theory of attachment. After the lunch three masseuses started their pampering treatments with their magical hands. Evening was completed with calming yoga practice under the guidance of Urban Eržen.

Tesnak,Odprta vrata; Tesnak, domačija doživetij;

On Sunday morning after delicious breakfast we learned techniques of self-help with therapist Sabina Rožen, she presented EFT method and Sedona method. Jernej Kocjančič shared his story and medetation with us. We continnued with qi-gong under the leadership of Marjana Močnik. Official part of our sociolising ended with another concert of our musicians, which took us in wonderful place in ourselves. In pleasant, relaxed atmosphere and chating about events of this weekend we seperated late at night.

Tesnak, domačija doživetij

Homestead hosted their guests with excellent home cooking and offered them accommodation. All the participants abstained from their commission. This kind of unselfish giving is wonderful, because everyone has something to give and receives a lot.

We are looking forward to our next workshop weekend at our home that will be from 13-15. January. We can’t wait to see you!



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St. Nicholas celebration


Homestead of adventures Tešnak was this week visited by beloved saint Nicholas. This evening was very special to us, as we were hosting our guest from India at the time and we invited him to our unique St. Nicholas evening.

St. Nicholas celebration is very popular in our village Hotavlje and we are celebrating it according to slovenian tradition. St. Nicholas is one of the most popular among saints and is known for his help to those in need. He is accompanied by beautiful, friendly angels and malicious Krampusen (Krampus is a terrifying, evil figure who takes naughty and mischievous children with him). This is the purpose of st. Nicholas; to reward good children and to frighten naughty ones so they improve in the future.

In homestead Tešnak we were anxiously expecting the arrival of st. Nicholas. Songs were sung and music was played. Children hid themselves in fear of Krampusen. The arrival of the saint was announced with pleasant, soft tingling by angles. Krampusen sneaked into the room, frightened the children, larked arround and took children’s candys. They were playful and full of undesirable ideas. Children sang, prayed and answered to st. Nicholas questions. The good man then distributed his wealthy presents among children, that are nowadays much bigger than in the past. The gifts used to be much more humble. Traditionaly they contained dried fruit and some fresh fruit like oranges and mandarins. And in todays material world merchants are rubbing their hands in delight of selling their products for each event, that we want to mark it with gifts.

When st. Nicholas left off for his further patrol around village, we were eager to open our presents. What gifts brought us this benefactor! Were we really this good throughout the whole year? Apparently yes, because God in heaven sees all and all our good deeds are written in the golden book.

This old slovenian custom was for our Indian guest quite a surprise. In his homeland they do not know this tradiiton. He accustomed really fast and st. Nicholas spoke with him in English. He gave him a present and wished him a pleasant stay in Slovenia.

St. Nicholas has a reputation for secret gift-giving and also visits children at night. We put our wicket baskets on the table and write down names of the gift recipients. How great is this saint! Thank God that he gots many helpers who helps him distribute gifts for the good children and stick, turnip for naughty ones.

Tesnak, domacija dozivetji

Tesnak, domacija dozivetij Miklavž

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