About us

Years ago, we inherited a family secret concealed behind the walls of our 200-year-old house that was simply calling to be revealed. For 15 years, we have been putting the little pieces of this mosaic together. Now we want to share it with everyone seeking little more that just a holiday and wishing to be a part of our tale.

We created various accommodations for individuals, couples, families and all kind of groups. We offer you wonderful apartments and rooms, renovated in antique style where you will feel cosy, comfortable and at home.

Our purpose is to give you the wholesome EXPERIENCE. Experience of living in the countryside, surrounded by nature, finding peace, far away from everyday hustle and bustle. You will be pampered with home-grown and home-made organic food and meals, of which the main ingredient is love.

You are heartily invited to HOMESTEAD TEŠNAK!

Rooms & Apartments

Choose a room according to your taste:


50 €/night


100 €/night


80 €/night


80 €/night


Apartment for 6 people

140 €/night


Apartment for 4 people

100 €/night


Apartment for 6 people

140 €/night


Apartment for 2 people

50 €/night

Free for you:

Rent a bicycle

Private parking

Use of common spaces

Use of outside fireplace

Rent skates

Herb garden